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Acclaimed writer Kresley Cole introduces a scorching new sequence with this story of a fierce werewolf and a bewitching vampire -- not likely soul buddies whose ardour will attempt the limits of lifestyles and loss of life. A mythic warrior who'll cease at not anything to own her . . . After enduring years of torture from the vampire horde, Lachlain MacRieve, chief of the Lykae extended family, is enraged to discover the predestined mate he is waited millennia for is a vampire. Or partially one. This Emmaline is a small, airy part Valkyrie/half vampire, who one way or the other starts to assuage the fury burning inside of him. A vampire captured by means of her wildest myth . . . Sheltered Emmaline Troy eventually units out to discover the reality approximately her deceased mom and dad -- until eventually a robust Lykae claims her as his mate and forces her again to his ancestral Scottish fort. There, her worry of the Lykae -- and their infamous darkish wants -- ebbs as he starts off a gradual, depraved seduction to sate her personal darkish cravings. An all-consuming wish . . . but while an old evil from her earlier resurfaces, will their wish deepen right into a love which can convey a proud warrior to his knees and switch a steady attractiveness into the fighter she used to be born to be? comprises an excerpt from Kresley Cole's subsequent romance novel, No leisure for the depraved.

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Acknowledgments Many, many thanks to Beth Kendrick, who rightfully dubbed us primal scream buddies. Without you and a telephone, there would be no word count. Thank you to the wonderful Sally Fairchild for all her much appreciated continued support. And my heartfelt thanks to Pocket Books own Megan McKeever, who is, at this very moment, most likely plucking me out of some book-related crisis. Prologue Sometimes the fire that licks the skin from his bones dies down. It is his fire. In a recess of his mind still capable of rational thought, he believes this.

A vampire given to him? Bound to him for eternity? More torture. More hatred. The vampires had won again. He bellowed with fury, and she shrieked. The sound shattered the glass lamp and the television and splintered the door to the balcony. His eardrums nearly burst and he leapt back, clamping his hands over his ears to block out the sound. What the bloody hell was that? A scream so high-pitched he didn’t know if humans could hear it. She shot from the bed, and as she yanked her gown into place, she gave him a look of…betrayal?

Not this male. He knew what she was, and he wasn’t asking the impossible, he was demanding… A shower. And yet… He held out his hand. Not aggressively or impatiently, but accompanied by a slow perusal of her wholly naked body with eyes that were intense but now warm and golden. He gave a sharp groan that she knew was involuntary. As if he found her beautiful. His size was still terrifying, his leg sickening, but with a deep breath, and more courage than she’d conjured in her entire life, she slipped her hand into his.

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