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N is a voiced velar nasal. It is not attested word initially ki⁄Ni ‘spider’ /eeŋ ‘high-land’ to⁄Nas ‘few’ si⁄Nsi⁄ ‘destroy’ biNe⁄ ‘spear’ 32. / is a glottal stop. It often occurs at word initial position. There are no vowel initial words in Dime. Words that start with a vowel underlyingly, have a initial glottal stop phonetically. /o⁄rxu⁄ ‘fish’ /ankogu⁄⁄s‹ ‘finger (hand)’ ba/a ‘eat’ (for cereals or solid matter) 33. 2 Near minimal pairs In principle, if two sounds bring change of meaning in a pair of otherwise identical words, they are considered to be separate phonemes.

S#iftaye s’a⁄n-ub zit-is⁄-im s#in-i-n shiftaye black-M ox-DEF-ACC buy-PF-3 ‘Shiftaye bought the ox’ It is observed that the accusative can be marked two or more times in a sentence as in (35) and (36), where it is marked both on the modifier and the head noun. 35. naaÂe /ad-ib-is-im gos‹t-i⁄s-im nu! SUBJ see-PF-3 ‘He saw the man who came yesterday’ 36. SUBJ child-DEF-ACC kill-M-DEF-ACC man-DEF-ACC saw-PF-1 ‘I saw the man who killed the child’ Earlier we made the observation that case marking is phrasal marking.

In syllables, the onset can not be more than one consonant while the coda can be occupied by two consonants. The nucleus of the syllable can be a short or long vowel. The possible syllable types of Dime are: 111a. CV na⁄ nu⁄ ‘she’ ‘he’ Phonology 111b. CVC kaf lag 33 ‘wait’ ‘friend’ 111c. mu⁄ ‘lemon’ 111d. ub ‘red’ 111e. CVCC gus‹s‹ ‘nail’ fi⁄st ‘mucus’ g´rz‹ ‘cat’ 111f. 1 Onset Any consonant, except the consonants, x, ŋ, Â, X, can be an onset of a syllable in Dime. Even though these consonants are not attested as an onset of a syllable, they can be a coda of a syllable.

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