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The smaller man froze, while one of the larger men quickly pulled the man who spoke behind him. "Wait! I'm Noah Dragos, Dillon's younger brother," Noah said, quickly holding out his hands in a gesture of surrender. " Sean yelled out, not answering Noah. Shane wanted to fill Noah in but decided to take his brother's lead on this one. " Manus asked from the other room. A moment later, he appeared in the living room with Michan, coming to an instant halt the moment he spotted the filled living room.

His pulse is good," Shane said, mainly for Sean, to help ease his feelings of tension as well. " "We don't know," Michan answered him before glancing over at Manus, who nodded. "Dillon didn't think he got the full dose, but he said his arms were starting to go numb before he passed out. " "Not likin’ yur answer, Da," Sean snapped at their father as he came to the other side of the couch and took Dillon's hand. " "I don't know, son," Manus replied gently. Shane thought his dads were being very patient with them given the circumstances.

But for now, he kept focused on the job at hand. After a few more keystrokes and checking equipment, Shane was done. He stood and nodded to Micah as he gathered up his equipment. Micah went to work on relocking the box up. Just as Shane was ready to move, Micah grabbed his gear, and they headed back to the car. "We're on the move back to the SUV," Micah informed everyone. " When they got there, Shane reached for the door handle, only to be spun around and pushed against the SUV. Startled, Shane looked up to see it was Dillon.

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