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By Biren Bonnerjea

A Dictionary of Superstitions and Mythology

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32). Satan’s favourite form is that of a black cat, hence it is the familiar of witches. (General; ENNEMOSER, Hist. , Vol. II, p. ) A cat has nine lives. Whoever kills a cat will never have good luck (Macedonia, ABBOTT, p. 110; Malay Peninsula, SKEAT, Malay Magic, p. 191). In Teutonic countries a cat or a dog was made to run into a new house before others entered it, as a precaution against possible accidents (GRIMM, Deut. Myth. pp. 972, 1,095). Black cats bring luck. A strange tortoiseshell cat coming into the house is unlucky.

ABBOTT, p. —MACAULAY: History of St. Hilda, p. 176. cf. Blackbird, Raven. Crucifix: Evil spirits are afraid of the crucifix it is therefore a powerful charm against them. ) In Serbia if a pregnant woman kisses the crucifix her child will be epileptic. (PLOS, Das Weib, Vol. 1, p. ) cf. Rosary, Beads, Qor’an, Prayer Book. Cruelty: The spirits of those who have been cruel during their lifetime, can find no peace in death, but must return to earth as ghosts. Crumb: The crumbs saved up on three Christmas Eves are good to give as a physic to one who is disappointed (RAGNER).

Cattle: To dream of cattle portends money. A. KNORTZ, p. ) Excessive lowing of cattle indicates much rain or snowfall. (INWARDS, p. 153 ; ABBOTT, p. ) Caul: Children born with a caul are lucky; they cannot be drowned (Great Britain, BRAND, Observations, Vol. III, p. 114; Times, 20-2-1813, 27-2-1813, 8-5-1848; Page 46 HAZLITT, p. 99; ABBOTT, p. 139), and they are impregnable to the machinations of evil spirits. (STRACKERJAN, Vol. II, p. ). Celestial Fox: Chinese Folklore. It is of a golden colour and possesses nine tails; it serves in the halls of the Sun and the Moon, and is versed in all the secrets of nature.

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