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While my replica arrived, i found it really is actually published the wrong way up. The textual content at the binding issues a method, the textual content at the inside pages issues the wrong way.

Nice in how to understand that even the boffins at Oxford collage Press can omit a huge book-sized typo. Makes the remainder of us think a bit larger.

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Is now the regular form; on the other hand Siich an admittance (instead of admission) would give away the case is now impossible. The difference between the adjectives is that admissible is the established word, & admittable, though formerly current, is now regarded as merely made for the occasion, & used only when the connexion with admit is to be clear; this is chiefly in the predicate, as Defeat is admittable by anyone without dishonour. admit of. This combination, formerly used indifferently with admit in several senses, is now restricted to the sense present an opening or leave room for, & to impersonal nouns usually of an abstract kind as subject: His veracity admits of no question (but not I can admit of no question); A hypothesis admits by its nature of being disputed (but not he admits of being argued with) ; A modern battleship does not admit of careless handling.

3. ') ; they also follow any adjective preceded by as or how (I am as good a man as he; knew how great a labour he had undertaken), usually any adjective preceded by so (so resolute an attempt deserved success ; a so resolute attempt is also English, but suggests affectation), & often any adjective preceded by too (too exact an, or a too exact, adherence to instructions). /Have before them far more brilliant a future/, the normal order (a quite or quite a sufficient, a more glorious, a far more brilliant) is also the right one.

Academy. , Plato, the Platonists, & Platonism ; the Garden, Epicurus, the Epicureans, & Epicureanism ; the Lyceum, Aristotle, the Aristotelians, & Aristotelianism; the Porch, Zeno, the Stoics, & Stoicism ; the Tub, Antisthenes, the Cynics, & Cynicism. acapsular. See A-, AN-. acatalectic. See TECHNICAL TERMS. acaulous. See A-, AN-. accelerate makes -rable; see -ABLE 1. accent. Pronounce the noun a'ksnt, the verb akse'nt; see NOUN & VERB ACCENT. accentuate). ) the long form is now much the commoner ; in literal senses (sound or write with an accent), though either will pass, the short prevails ; & the DIFFERENTIATION is worth encouraging.

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