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By Elizabeth Martin, Robert Hine

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This significant revision of A Dictionary of Biology, together with over 1,500 new entries, is the main up to date biology dictionary to be had. together with 4,000 transparent and concise entries, it covers all of the regularly encountered phrases and ideas in biology, biophysics, and biochemistry, in addition to phrases from drugs and palaeontology taking into consideration the new advances in those fields. Conforming to the innovations of the Institute of Biology, either in its definition of phrases and approach of category, this excellent dictionary bargains authoritative insurance of present components of research similar to molecular biology, genetics (including genetic engineering), and biotechnology, and new parts comparable to meals know-how, geomicrobiology, and glycobiology. it's the excellent reference resource for an individual attracted to this dynamic box.

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The minimum energy required for a chemical reaction to take place. In a reaction, the reactant molecules come together and chemical bonds are stretched, broken, and formed in producing the products. During this process the energy of the system increases to a maximum, then decreases to the energy of the products. e. it is the energy barrier that has to be overcome Page 7 for the reaction to proceed. The activation energy determines the way in which the rate of the reaction varies with temperature.

Abyssal organisms are adapted for living under high pressures in cold dark conditions. , to which electrons are donated in the formation of a coordinate bond. accessory bud A bud that is situated at the side of or above an axillary bud (see axil). accessory chromosome Any nonessential chromosome that is found in addition to the regular *karyotype of a species; in plants such chromosomes are known as B-chromosomes. Accessory chromosomes are heterochromatic (see chromatin). The frequency of accessory chromosomes in a species varies among populations but their presence does not appear to alter the appearance (phenotype) of the organisms.

Alkaptonuria (alcaptonuria) An inherited metabolic disorder that results from a deficiency of the enzyme homogentisic acid oxidase, which is required for the complete breakdown of the amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine. The accumulation of the intermediate product, homogentisic acid, which imparts a dark colour to the urine, damages connective tissue and causes joint disease. allantois One of the membranes that develops in embryonic reptiles, birds, and mammals as a growth from the hindgut.

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