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By Amanda Ashley

ISBN-10: 050552208X

ISBN-13: 9780505522085

Falling in love with the younger lady whose father had bought her to him to place nutrients at the desk, the night-dwelling Rayven fights the ardour he swears he can by no means suppose and attempts to turn into a benevolent host to the gorgeous Rhianna. Original."

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The thought cut deep, though he could not fault her for it. "Bevins will take you shopping tomorrow. " Her eyes widened at the veiled threat in his voice. She clasped her hands together, hands that trembled violently. "You have nothing to fear from me," he said. " The fear in her eyes turned to bewilderment. " Rhianna scrambled into bed, her heart pounding wildly as he drew the covers up to her chin. She stared up at him, frightened and confused, yet fascinated by him at the same time. What a strange man he was.

There was nothing evil in the dungeon, nothing to fear. It was only the fact that she had never been away from home before coupled with a vivid imagination that had her running scared. She was lucky to be here, in this place. For the first time in her life, she had a room of her own, food enough to eat, a beautiful dress. And, if Rayven was to be believed, anything else she wanted was hers simply for the asking. Comforted by that thought, she fell asleep. Rayven sat in front of the huge fireplace that dominated his bedroom, his elbows braced on the arms of his chair, his chin resting on his folded hands.

Blinking back tears, Rhianna alighted from the wagon. Squaring her shoulders, she walked up the narrow stone steps to the wide double doors, took a deep breath, and lifted the heavy brass knocker. Moments later, the door creaked open, and Rhianna found herself staring into a pair of hooded brown eyes. " "Y… yes," she stammered, startled that the stranger knew her name, that he had been expecting her. How had he known she was coming? " The man stepped back, gesturing for her to enter. He was a tall man, with wavy gray hair, a rather sharp nose, and thin lips.

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