9-roll-up skewers MVSH-9

9-skewer set for big company and big holiday

What is roll-up skewers? (Mechanism of skewer rotation description)

9-roll-up skewers assembly

Сборка шампуров-самокрутов на 9 шампуров

  1. The product gathers in the form of a frame consisting of two couplers, the holder for skewers and a reducer. Installation of the motor is carried out in the last turn. For this purpose it is necessary to insert a motor clamp into a hook on a reducer. After that put on the motor an axis of rotation of a reducer. Discrepancy of an axis of the motor and an axis of rotation of a reducer is possible (because of square section). In this case it is necessary to turn a reducer axis to the provision of full coincidence to a motor axis.
  2. After assembly of the main frame, skewers with the slices of products should be strung on them (meat, fish, vegetables, etc.) are established.
  3. Install the assembled mechanism of rotation of skewers on a brazier, a barbecue, a grill, etc.


  • Wash up skewers with detergent before using them.
  • The size of slices shouldn't be wider, than distance between skewers (about 6,5 sm). It will prevent a contact of slices. Establish skewers through one if you wish to cook slices of the bigger size.
  • One new battery lasts for 5-6 hours of continuous rotation (we recommend to have the spare battery).
  • Due to continuous rotation the preparation time of a product is reduced by 25-30%.
  • Wash out accessories in soap solution for removal of the remains of products after using of MVSh and wipe.



The electric drive (motor) always has to be over the coal center (the heated coals).

Технические характеристики
Technical characteristics
Quantity of skewers: 9 pieces.
It is made of stainless steel
The sizes in a tube: diameter — 10 sm, length — 65 sm
Assembled sizes: 62×41 sm
Weight: 2.3 kg
One battery (1,5V, type D) lasts for 5-6 business hours (it isn't included in the package)

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