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The brazier stationary "Thermos" (with a double bottom) from Lenivyi Shashlychnik company will become the excellent assistant in preparation of meat, fish, vegetables on coals at dacha or in hiking trip.

Are you looking for a high-quality professional brazier? Do you need a reliable brazier at dacha for a long time? You've found it!

Brazier at Dacha

Our brazier received the unusual name because of a double bottom which increases durability and reliability of a product many times!

The external case of a brazier is produced of heat-resistant steel (1 mm), painted by heat-resistant paint, two latches providing adjustment of air are located at the edges of a product . Also, because of cuts in latches, it is easy and convenient to clean ashes.

Brazier-Thermos is a stationary brazier, but if it is necessary it is easily to bring it because of removable legs which shaped on a diagonal in a product. Existence of the shaped handles at the edges makes a brazier convenient for transportation.

The internal part (bottom) consists of five parts, each of them is made of stainless steel (0,8 mm). Parts have the openings and stiffening ribs intended for reduction of deformation of a brazier during heating. On the top part there are two corrosion-proof plates with cuts for skewers.

All these completions made a product from Lenivyi shashlychnik easy, strong, durable and professional in preparation of products and irreplaceable in using a brazier in the stationary mode for dacha or a private house!

Technical characteristics
The case, bent from integral leaf, from steel of 2 mm painted heat-resistant flint - organic paint.
Internal segments (5 pieces) — stainless steel of 0,8 mm with perforation and stiffening ribs.
Levels for skewers — stainless steel of 0,8 mm.
Shiber from 2 sides.
The leaning-back handles.
Removable legs can be shaped in a brazier.
The brazier size — 56×38×13 sm (height with legs of 60 sm).
Weight is 10,5 kg.

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