Fish-soup cooker

New product for fishers! By means of a fish-soup cooker from Lenivyi shashlychnik you will cook imperial fish soup.

You don't know how to cook a fish soup on a fire. Are you looking for ware for fish soup?

It means, you found that looked for!

Fish-soup cooker is intended for convenient preparation of tasty fish soup outdoors.
Its unusual form of a cone allows to heat quickly water at the expense of a wide bottom and a narrow mouth with a skintight cover. Such form doesn't allow fish soup to cool down quickly as it occurs in a usual pan. If you decided to move fish-soup in this cooker, it would never spread away its contents.
You can easily cook tasty fish soup with rich a salmon, pike, carp, som and any other fish broth with the help of a glass sieve which is inserted into an fish-soup cooker. Then you can pull out fish from an fish-soup cooker without having left stones there.

Glass sieve it is intended for preparation of rich broth when cooking fish, with the subsequent her extraction.
There is a cover with the convenient handle.
The cone-shaped form allows to keep heat longer.
Seams welded (not solder). It isn't afraid of fire without water.

Technical characteristics
Technical characteristics
Product material: stainless steel 0,8 mm
Capacity: V = 6 l
Sizes: ø — 24 sm, height — 27 sm
Weight: 1,8 kg

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