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Firing tankard

It is intended for fast and safe preparation of coals. It allows to kindle quickly coals without applying chemical liquids, in any weather — during a rain or snow.


Lenivyi Shashlychnikcompany developed ecological ignition for coal under the name Firing tankard.

The product is new (in Russia we are the only producers of similar goods) is intended for ignition of coals, fuel briquettes and other solid fuel. Appearance of a tankard is similar to a mini-pipe with holes for an effect of draft. In a tankard the grid in the form of a cone that is why coals are distributed perfectly that for their ignition paper "bunch" suffices.


Put a tankard to a brazier bottom, fill coals (at first small, and then large), under a grid put paper and set fire, within 15 minutes, due to effect of draft, coals will be ready. It isn't dependent on weather — during a rain, snow or a hard frost. Then pour out coals in a brazier and start cooking.

The pleasant side effect of this tankard became known in the winter. Because of it's arrangement a tankard allows to support much more long and more strongly heat. If it is established in the center, it helps to be warmed and support warm and good mood at all company.

On the handle with wooden platesthere is the screen from a stainless steel, heat reflector that will protect you from a burn. At a rash of coals in a brazier be careful because the heated dust of coals can take off.

Technical characteristics
Technical characteristics
Время приготовления углей — 10-12 минут
Высота — 30 см
Диаметр — 21,5 см
Объем — 7,7 л
Вес — 1,3 кг

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