Transforming bowl

The transforming bowl is intended for heat-safe in the products which are already prepared on fire.

Bowl, developing like a tulip, prevents excessive losses of heat of the prepared products, because of it products remain hot for a long time. The transforming bowl is made of food stainless steel. It is easy to wash, it is convenient and esthetic to give a shish kebab and vegetables to a table.

The transforming bowl is irreplaceable for cafe where a large number of meat is fried and it does not always move at once to a table. To avoid repeated heating and drainage of meat, it can be put in a transforming bowl simply. If you gather the big company and one portion of a shish kebab isn't enough for all, a transforming bowl will help to keep the first portion and you will be able to give necessary amount of hot meat on a table. Also the transforming bowl can be used as a bread box, a bowl for fruit and for other application in life.

Technical characteristics
Material — stainless steel

Height — 10 sm
Diameter in the closed state — 22 sm
Diameter abroach — 34 sm
Weight — 0,9 kg

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